Kanye West Made Bail and Made it to Hawaii

Yesterday was rough for Kanye West. After getting in a battle with the paps and their prying cameras (equipment worth more than $10,000), the rapper and his assistant were arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on suspisicion of vandalism.

Kanye was able to make bail and hightail it to Hawaii to get back to work. But this isn’t over yet. 

On his website, Kanye wrote: “We back in the lab!!! I’m cool with the paparazzi. This guy wasn’t cool. I gotta work now… I’ll rant later!”

Being cool with people is something the hot-tempered rap artist struggles with on his life journey. But he’s doing pretty well as of late. Here is a running list of people and things that Kanye’s cool with: Fat Burger, the gaysIraq war vets and Scarlett Johansson.

All people need to do to get along with the “Gold Digger” maestro is stay out of his face. Really, really far away.

Better luck next time, TMZ paparazzo.