Kirsten Dunst Is a Lover and a Liar!

Oh, Kirsten Dunst.

You really thought you were fooling people, didn’t you?

Yesterday the Spider-Man chick adamantly denied that she’s dating Mac dude and Drew Barrymore ex Justin Long, claiming, “I met him once, and he and his friend were kind enough to walk me home. I’ve never seen him since.”

This, despite the fact that the two have been seen together frequently.

Now In Touch confirms Dunst’s poorly kept secret. “They’ve been dating for more than a month. They started hanging out after meeting at the Bowery Hotel,” an insider tells the magazine. The source adds that Dunst bought a $1,150, diamond-encrusted dog tag necklace for Long at a West Hollywood boutique last month.

Wow, that must have been some walk home, to merit that kind of thank-you present.

Really, Kirsten; it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want people to know that you’re rolling around in Drew’s discards, but people have eyes, you know?

No wonder Dunst has virtually disappeared from the big screen lately; she’s not very good at playing make-believe.

Maybe she should go back to rehab; she seems to be blacking out entire relationships.