Mariah Carey, Jack-Booted Love Thug

Wow! For once, Mariah Carey doesn’t want people talking about her.

The porpoise-voiced singer, who recently decided to boss herself around, is now trying to boss around record producer Damion “Damizza” Young over a proposed tell-all book on Carey.

The New York Post reports that Young’s upcoming bio, Guilty by Association, will dish intimate details on the “intense four-year personal relationship” the two had and “worked diligently to disguise from the world’s press.”

This isn’t sitting too well with Mimi, whose lawyer Sonya Guardo fired off a letter to Young, reminding the author that he had signed a confidentiality agreement regarding the relationship.

Mariah should consider herself lucky; at least it’s not her own brother planning to blab all about her personal life.

And if Young doesn’t heed the legal warning? Perhaps Carey can finally enact those kidnapping fantasies that she’s been harboring all these years.

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