The Olsen Twins: Two Bad Neighbors

The Olsen Twins may have won the heart of tweener America, but the residents of their West Village neighborhood aren’t very big fans of mini-moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley.

The New York Post reports that the folks of West 13th Street are sick of the gals’ “military presence” and loud, late hours.

Characterizing the Olsens as “two spoiled brats” who are “disruptive, intrusive and totally disrespectful,” one nabe claimed that they “change the character of the neighborhood” with their outdoor security guards, who have been known to eject building residents from the stoop so that the Twins can enter the building in privacy.

Another bone of contention: The Olsens’ Denali trucks, which their security guards apparently keep idling on the street for extended periods. 

“You would think there was a government operation going on,” the neighbor complains.

And yet, according to the government, Mary-Kate, at least, is quiet as a mouse.