Jessica Simpson vs. Carrie Underwood

It’s only a matter of time before Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson are throwing punches in the boxing ring. 

The two country crooners have had an ongoing public spat that started when Carrie told Allure that Tony Romo, Jess’s current boyfriend, and Carrie’s ex, still calls her and leaves her voicemails on occasion. 

Jessica eagerly refuted that statement in a radio interview, even though it meant slapping herself with the psychotic, possessive girlfriend label.

Well now Carrie has fired back with the ultimate insult; the American Idol champion went so far as to call Jessica…FAT! 

Any well-trained celebrity should know that you should always take the high road. Resist succumbing to evil temptations, no matter how fat the other person actually might look.  Plus, there could be a legitimate reason behind Jessica’s sudden weight

Could hair-tugging and eye-gouging be next?  Stay tuned to see who wins round four!