Lindsay, Sam, Tila and Courtenay: Star Lovers

Lindsay, Sam, Tila and Courtenay: Star Lovers-photo

Girl lovers Tila Tequila, Courtenay Semel, Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan have something in common.

Something beyond engaging in photographer-friendly poolside romps, or in public displays of same-sex hand-holding.

These girl-loving it-girls have started a new trend in lesbian branding: star tattoos.

Lindsay recently confided to Marie Claire magazine that she had a star tattooed on her hand because "Samantha has a bunch of stars."

Hmmm. Gay-curious Tila Tequila also sports multiple star tats. And Courtenay Semel, who claims to have beaten Samantha Ronson to Lindsay, has a small star inked onto her left wrist.

Coincidence? Or pending gay-girl trademark? Check out the gallery and decide.

Lindsay's star ink has yet to be captured on film. 

If you have any photos of Lindsay's alleged wrist tats, please share!



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