Alicia Keys: Homewrecker?

Could Alicia Keys be breaking up a marriage?

The “No One” singer comes off as having morals, what with fighting for children’s rights and battling Big Tabacco. But according to the Daily News, Alicia my be the reason hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz and R&B singer Mashonda are calling their marriage quits.

Mashonda and Swizz have been married nearly five years and have a one-year-old-son, Kasseem Dean, Jr.

But Mrs. (Mizz?) Beatz is not going down without a fight.

“This could have been handled quietly,” a friend told the paper. “But now Mashonda has taken the gloves off.”

Just remember, Moshonda, public divorces don’t always mean big bucks.

Last week Alicia threw a bday party for Swizz at midtown’s Louis Vuitton store, where guests included Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Robin Thicke.

Is she hoping to go from “other woman” to “little woman” soon?