Avril Lavigne Is Selling That Crap She Wears

Avril Lavigne was hawking her new fashion line AbbeyDAWN at Laforet Harajuku yesterday in Tokyo. Good thing she didn’t try sashaying these wanton outfits down the runways of Malaysia.

Avril’s signature skinny ties and Catholic schoolgirl uniform skirts provide the common threads of AbbeyDAWN, giving the clothing line that classy grade-school skank look Avril has mastered.

If the frocks aren’t enough to complete mall-trash couture, the “Girlfriend” singer has also come out with a fragrance. After all, why offend one sense when you can offend two?

Although Avril is trying her hardest to reproduce her look, at least she’s not trying to reproduce herself. The über-punkette has no interest in babies. She’s more interested in birds.