Natascha McElhone Haunted by Dead Hubby

In an eerie coincidence, Californication actress Natascha McElhone received a phone message from her deceased husband, plastic surgeon Martin Kelly, after he died of a heart attack in May, the Daily Mail reports.

McElhone—who plays Karen on the show and is due to give birth to her third child with Kelly at the end of the month—reveals that her late hubby left a message for her just minutes before he collapsed in the couple’s doorway.

“He left me a this message, full of the joys…he couldn’t wait to come out the next week, he was so excited about the the [ultrasound] scan, so excited about the baby,” the actress recalls.

Huh; you’d think the message would have been, “Stay away from that Duchovny guy when you’re not filming. That guy’s trouble…”