Scarlett Johansson: Difficult Diva?

Scarlett Johansson might find herself being pinned with a giant letter “D” for “diva.”

According to Page Six, a “well-placed source” says that producers for the Woody Allen flick Vicky Cristina Barcelona—in which Johansson stars—have branded her difficult to work with.

“Scarlett isn’t the same,” says the source. “She’s turned into the biggest prima donna.”

Allen previously directed the lipstick-loving starlet in Match Point, a film where the source claims “everyone said she was a sweetheart…now they say, ‘Scarlett’s let it get to her head.'”

Geez, this gal just can’t seem to catch a break lately.

Maybe she oughtta rethink that whole stance she has on monogamy. Even if it doesn’t stop tongues wagging about her behavior, it’d probably at least make for more peaceful times at home.