This Is One Job Aubrey O’Day Won’t Do

There’s a first time for everything. Apparently, Aubrey O’Day of Danity Kane “fame” turned down a chance at demeaning herself sexually to further her career.

According to OK! the blow-up-doll-loving actress was offered the role of “Adrianna” on the new 90210, but the part required her mouth to do something other than speak. Aubrey was to play the girl who gives young Ethan (lucky actor Dustin Mulligan) an oral happy in his car.

Allegedly, Aubrey turned down lapping up Dustin to play Amber Von Tussle in the musical Hairspray on Broadway. You know, for actor cred.

“I was up to play a part in that show but I ended up doing Broadway,” Aubrey said at the Stand Up To Cancer event at Madison Square Garden Wednesday.

The part ultimately went to Jessica Lowndes. Oh how times have changed for the series