John Mayer Shows Heidi Klum His Whammy Bar

Heidi Klum, no! Don’t you dare!

Last week the blonde—and married—Project Runway host was cavorting with John Mayer during what seemed like a friendly, platonic dinner date.

But now the New York Post is reporting that Mayer was doing a bawdy dance for the German frau—who, again, is married. Like, really married. With kids.

“John Mayer did a semi-striptease for Heidi Klum last week at a Soho hot spot, lowering his pants as he danced in front of the Project Runway host. Klum laughed hysterically, then chatted with the rocker until the wee hours.”

Rather than running around with this publicity-challenged balladeer, Heidi might be better off taking a cue from one of John’s exes.