Jonas Brothers Aren’t Fans of Dating Fans

In an interview with the Sun, the Jonas Brothers let fly with some eyebrow-raising tidbits. Fans, brace yourselves.

“We love to date, we really do, but it’s almost impossible with our schedule,” reveals Kevin Jonas. “We’re on the road at least 265 days a year, so forming any significant relationship with someone is too difficult.”

Oh, really? Then what’s with this? And this? Or this?

But, wait…there’s more: “We really wouldn’t want a girl we dated to be a fan.”

Huh? Disney dudes, what would John Mayer say about this?

Everyone already knows what Russell Brand would quip about the chaste JoBros on this subject.  And, oh, they have words for him, too.

“I think if we ever see him we will give him a big hug. He clearly needs a little love in his life.”

That’s it, boys, take the high road when you’re young. Because when you get older, you tend to get a bit more relaxed with the insults.