Josh Hartnett and Mischa Barton: London Hook-Up?

Is O.C. actress and noted philanthropist Mischa Barton already on the rebound from her breakup with Rooney musician Taylor Locke?

The Daily Mail reports that Barton was in hot pursuit of John Hartnett—currently in London rehearsing for a stage production of Rain Man—in that city’s Bungalow 8 club last night.

According to the paper’s source, Hartnett was gabbing over drinks with Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill when Barton made her advance.

“Josh looked pretty bored and was totally ignoring Mischa,” the witness reports. “She persisted though, and kept getting closer and closer to their table while dancing provocatively.”

The generally unremarkable actor apparently had a change in attitude; He and Mischa, along with a group of friends, headed back to the Soho Hotel, where Hartnett is staying, at 1:30 in the morning.

Barton did head back to her own hotel an hour later, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. An hour is plenty of time to work in a quick cram session at the hotel’s library.