Morning Frills #52: “On a Meyer Level” Edition

Soccer players score their share of beauties (most of the time, anyway), but tennis gladiators do pretty good for themselves too—even the retired ones.

Exhibit A: Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, better known as Sandy Meyer. (But you can call her, “Yowza!”)

Meyer is the fiancée of tennis legend Boris Becker, whose sports nickname, Baron von Slam, takes on intriguing new meaning when looking at his wife-to-be.

Meyer recently proved that she has plenty of game in her own right, when she modeled for swimwear company TCN’s Spring-Summer 2009 collection at Florida Park in Madrid, Spain over the weekend.

Clearly, Sandy has what it takes to represent the bikini-manufacturing community.

Don’t believe it? Click through the gallery on the right for sweet, delicious proof.