Candace Bushnell Sends Carrie Bradshaw Back To School

Sex and the City creator Candace Bushnell is exploring Carrie Bradshaw’s high school years, before Mr. Big’s fat diamond engagement ring was ever even a twinkle in the petite columnist’s eye.

“I’ve always been interested in exploring Carrie’s teenage years,” Bushnell states, according to Us. “Carrie in high school did not follow the crowd—she led it. It was there that she began observing and commenting on the social scene.”

So Carrie Bradshaw was the Gossip Girl of the pre-text-message era 1980s? Wonder if young Carrie’s school days were as steamy as the CW’s soap? Sarah Jessica Parker usually prefers things to be a little more tame.

The SATC novel, part of a two-book deal, is due for global publication in Fall 2010.