Gwyneth Paltrow Says ‘No’ to Dieting

There are a few things Gwyneth Paltrow won’t do:

  1. She won’t dress her son, Moses, in boy clothes.
  2. She won’t go into the sun without running the risk of exploding.
  3. And she won’t diet.

The latest Gwynnie “don’t” was revealed on Oprah Wednesday.

According to People, Paltrow told Oprah Winfrey, the talk show host with the longest documented history of dieting, “I think maybe it’s the idea that you can’t have something…I just can’t do it.”

Isn’t it kind of rubbing it in long-suffering Oprah’s face that skinny Gwynnie stays trim without dieting?

Instead of cutting back on carbs, the mother of two prefers to exercise. All that running after Moses, trying to put him in dungarees, must burn up the calories.