Joe Francis Sets It All Straight with Lindsay Lohan

Girls Gone Wild ex-con Joe Francis hit up E!‘s Hollywood Party Girl show and let fly with some pretty high-brow quips on his “friend” Lindsay Lohan.

“I think Samantha Ronson is extremely…she’s the boy in this whole thing, and I think Lindsay’s got this little hardcore lesbian deal going on,” expounded Joe.

“I think [Sam’s] jealous of any other guy, friend or whoever, was in Lindsay’s life before. Yeah, she just gets really huffy.”

Check out the full rant here:

Things took an interesting turn when, after pointing out LiLo’s “hardcore lesbian deal,” Francis declared that Lindsay was straight. For the most part, at least.

“Lindsay’s straight. I think Sam has taken ownership of Lindsay. I think if Sam were to let Lindsay go even that much; Lindsay would revert back to being straight.”

Sure, this guy’s out of work, but doesn’t he have anything else to do to keep himself busy?