Lynne Spears Sells It on the ‘Today Show’

Lynne Spears, mother of Britney and Jamie Lynn, was on the Today Show this morning promoting her new book Through the Storm.

Lynne spoke in a gosh darn sweet tone to host Meredith Viera about the sensational tome, which Mama Spears claims she started five years ago as a collection of “poems” and “memoirs.”

Yes, memoirs. Plural. About one woman.

Lynne’s impressions of Brit’s rise to fame: “Everything is fabulous. Look at the wonderful trips she gets to go on. Look at the wonderful people she’s meeting.”

When Viera pressed Lynne to explain why she let Jaimie enter the business that had laid waste to her sister, the Mom of the year had this to say: “When Jamie Lynn got involved in it, that was during the honeymoon period of Britney’s career, when everything was coming up roses… Everything was just fun.”

Speaking of fun, here’s Lynne’s reaction to the news that 16-year-old Jaimie was knocked-up: “I was in shock. I think I was just truly in shock, and then I started to cry. And she started consoling me at that point.”

At least someone was taking care of Lynne for once!

See, folks, Lynne didn’t mean for her kids to implode…everyone just got caught up in the fame ride, y’all.