Morning Frills #54: ‘Fringe Benefits’ Edition

¡Hola, Paulina Rubio!

That’s a pretty fancy dress you’re wearing as you sing and sashay your way through a fiery set at the Atlantis, Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas.

With all those groovy fringes, it looks like you’re jumping on the hippie bandwagon and trying to re-create the Summer of Love. And it’s working—who wouldn’t love the way those strips whip around in unison as you work your curves into a rhythmic frenzy?

Yes, most of the Mexico City-born songbird’s lyrics are in Spanish and. She might not be comprehensible to English-speaking audiences. But who cares? That outfit speaks in a language that anyone with a pulse could understand.

Click through the gallery on the right and see if it makes your taco pop!