Robert Buckley, Shirtless ‘Lipstick Jungle’ Gigolo

Hey, Lipstick Jungle fans (Hello? Anyone?), Robert Buckley has some sexy news!

His character Kirby is set to get a whole lot spicier in the upcoming second season. And you know what that means, don’t you, ladies? That’s right—off with the shirt! Wow-woweeeee!

“It’s Kirby, so let’s be honest, he’s going to find himself in a couple situations sans T-shirt,” said young buck Buckley to OK! and other reporters at last night’s New York City Lipstick Jungle premiere party hosted by Maybelline.

Ha! Take that, Mario Lopez. And how does this spiky-haired stud end up looking so scrumptious on the boob tube?

“There’s a lot of crossing of my fingers, and praying and hoping that the lights find my body correctly and make it look flattering. And probably some last-minute jazzercising.”

All that, and modest to boot? Get Paris Hilton on the phone! Someone’s got a soulmate!