Tila Tequila Sends Brody Jenner to the Burn Ward

Tila Tequila: So hot, she burns. Well, she burned Brody Jenner pretty good, anyway.

According to Star magazine, when the pint-sized sexual libertine encountered the scruffy-cheeked Hills hunk at the DKNY Jeans Malibu Beach House recently, the Bro-ster asked her if she liked guys or girls better.

According to the mag’s source, “She grabbed Brody and started wildly making out with him. When she finished mauling him, she wiped her mouth and said, ‘Definitely girls!'”

Ouch! But don’t feel too bad, Brody; if it’s true that, when you have sex with somebody, you’re also having sex with everyone they’ve ever slept with, you’re probably better off that you weren’t to Tila’s liking.