VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Knocks Back a Stiff One?

What have we here, Miley Cyrus?

The Hannah Montana star enjoyed a stroll with her new undies-flaunting man, Justin Gaston, at Universal CityWalk last night.

The couple particularly seemed to relish their time at Karl Strauss Restaurant & Beer Garden.

That’s right, beer garden. Where they grow beer. Which Miley is not allowed to drink because, um, she’s only 15 years old.

Check out the shocking footage below:

Where does it end with Miley Cyrus? The racy pictures. The condoms. The talk of nude scenes in movies. And now, hanging out in bars.

Maybe she just dropped in to use the bathroom. Or to see if they had wi-fi service, so she could post her latest attack video.

Yeah, that must be it.