Angelina Jolie Needs a Maid

Angelina Jolie might want to take a break from cleaning up the rest of the world’s problems and focus on putting her own house in order for a while.

Star reports that Chateau Miraval, which Jolie and her husband Brad are renting, has become a pigsty thanks to the couple’s lackadaisical approach to housecleaning.

“It’s actually pretty disgusting,” reports the mag’s source. “Every room looks like a war zone.”

Of the couple’s six children, Maddox and Pax are apparently the biggest offenders, engaging in “toothpaste wars” that leave a gunky mess all over the bathroom walls. The bathroom is said to have also been devastated by the blue dye used for Maddox’s mohawk.

The bedrooms, meanwhile, are reported to have been redecorated with crayon scrawls courtesy of the kids, and the kitchen is “completely fly-infested,” with the sink and counters struggling under the weight of high-piled dirty dishes.

To be fair, Angie might be occupied with other things at the moment. But if the couple doesn’t clean up their act, they’re never going to get their security deposit back.

Of course, that probably isn’t a huge concern for them.