Eminem’s Mom Is a Blabbermouth

This seems to be the year of the celebrity-relative tell-all. First Christopher Ciccone dishes on sis Madonna. Then Lynne Spears spilled about daughters Britney and Jamie Lynn.

Now Eminem’s mother, Debbie Nelson, is set to release My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem, in November, according to MTV. (The rapper’s given name is Marshall Mathers.)

In the book, Nelson—whose lawyers once filed an $11 million defamation lawsuit against the rapper for comments he’d made about her—gives her side of their tumultuous relationship.

“I wasn’t happy when he made up a whole new life for himself—what mother wants to be known as a pill-popping alcoholic who lives on welfare?” Nelson writes.

“To tell the truth, I was heartbroken. The lies started coming thick and fast — and not just from Marshall… I think he’s forgotten the good times we had, and this book is my way of setting the record straight.”

Nelson also delivers insights into her son’s personality, claiming, “He no longer trusts anyone” due to his fame.

“Everyone wants a piece of Eminem the megastar, not Marshall Mathers the man,” Nelson writes.  “I call these people the circling vultures: They spot dollar signs and swoop in for the kill.”

Takes one to know one, apparently.

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