Jessica Simpson Steps Up for the Sisterhood

Surprise country-music star Jessica Simpson is using her newfound leverage to speak out on women’s rights—and not just their rights to wear tight denim shorts.

People magazine reports that Simpson will perform at the Nina’s Night Out concert in Las Vegas, which benefits that city’s Rape Crisis Center, tonight. 

“I think this will be a more passionate performance than most,” Simpson predicts. “It’s important to make a stand for women’s rights. If I can get up there and be any inspiration to women, I am blessed to have that opportunity.”

The evening’s cause holds particular resonance for Simpson, she says, because she’s known women who have been raped. In July, the singer also revealed to Elle that the song “Remember That,” from her new album Do You Know, recounts an abusive relationship that she herself had been involved in.

Grim circumstances notwithstanding, it’s nice to know that she can at least remember something about that song.

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