Luke Perry Just Says "9021-No"

Luke Perry Just Says

Sorry, Luke Perry fans. According to E! Online, Dylan McKay isn't going to be making an appearance on 90210.

Producers have approached Perry repeatedly about reprising his role, but the actor, busy with appearances on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Criminal Minds, has passed on the  offer. When asked if he'll be showing up on 90210, Perry flatly stated, "That would be a no."

Maybe Perry finds the show's plotlines to be too thin—much like other aspects of the show.

A little bit of Dylan McKay will be with the show, however. On Tuesday's episode, it was revealed that he's the father of Kelly Taylor's son, Sammy.

Whoa! Surprise kid! That seems to be going around a lot lately.



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  • harry

    I'd love to see Kendal "Alicia" in a string bikini! She's beautiful!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Dang, I will just have to settle for reenacting old scenes of BH 90210 with my Dylan McKay action figure. Not doll, action figure.

  • starjonesing

    Luke Perry being too good to return to 90210 just makes it kind of sad that the other actors wanted on board. I'm looking at you Jennie Garth. AND Tori Spelling.