Morning Frills #55: “Great O’Day in the Morning” Edition

Aubrey O’Day: She’s not just a Diddy protegé, anti-Paris Hilton and kisser of other women.

The Danity Kane songbird is also a model, at least in the latest issue of Complex magazine.

O’Day fills the mag’s pages with a steamy photo-shoot and, while there’s probably an interview in which she discusses everything from makeup tips to how best to solve the problems in Darfur, there’s really no need to go into that, is there?

It’s already obvious that Aubrey O’Day is a complex woman with her own sense of integrity. Just consider how she turned down an opportunity to simulate oral sex in the new 90210 series.

After all, why should she lower heself to such roles. It’s already clear that she’s got the world licked.

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