Brooke Hogan, Super-Genius

Brooke Hogan catches a lot of flak for being just this side of Terri Shiavo on the sentience meter, but people really underestimate her.

For instance, many people were outraged when Brooke opined on her reality-TV show that a woman shouldn’t be President. But during her appearance on The Howard Stern Show on Thursday, she proved that she just might be right about that.

When the subject turned to politics, Howard Stern asked the wrestling scion if she knew who the current Vice President is.

Brooke’s response? “No. There’s too many frickin’ people in office!”

Elsewhere in the interview, Brooke proved to be equally ignorant of her own anatomy. Asked whether her breasts were natural or the work of a surgeon, Brooke played coy, despite the very obvious answer, replying, “What do I look like to you?”

Oh, Brooke; do you really want an answer to that question?

Check out the interview below:

Yes, Brooke has a unique way of viewing the world, but it’s probably not fair to rub it in. Compared to some of the other winners swimming around in the Hogan gene pool, she’s practically Einstein.