Naomi Campbell Isn’t Very Driven

Naomi Campbell got ditched by a Ferrari and had to take public transportation.

Is this a prescient sign of what life will become for the angry aging supermodel, or just another day for the perpetually put-upon Naomi?

INF reports Naomi lost her cool (What cool?) when her attempt to make a “grand entrance” in a Ferrari at London Fashion Week failed, because her driver forgot to pick her up.

The paparazzi agency claimed the driver was late because he was texting. Maybe the chap was just afraid of vampires.

After the Ferrari was a no-show, Naomi jumped onto a public transport van and phoned her agent. Strangely, the phone was not used as a weapon, and Naomi kept from hurling spit bullets at anyone.

Still, that Ferrari driver may want to lay low for now and consider hiding near serene bodies of water.