Pam Anderson's Date Is Totally Plastered!

Pam Anderson's Date Is Totally Plastered!-photo

Pam Anderson might not be dating Michael Jackson, but her escort at the Vivienne Westwood: Red Label show at London's Fashion Week last night definitely had a Jack-O like appreciation for eccentricity.

No word on whether the dude's extreme white-face was part of some publicity gimmick, or an effort not to be identified as a man who willingly walks arm-in-arm with this.

Odd looks aside, Pammy's date was a vast improvement over some of the guys she's been seen with lately.

And maybe he can offer Anderson some make-up tips so she can life the "no close-ups" ban that she's instituted for Pam: Girl on the Loose.



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  • sophie1986

    I know that tan. Is that... Robert Pattinson?!


    skandar keynes es el amor de mi vida.. en realidad demaciado guapo

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  • liz94

    happy late b-day!!lol =]

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I'd be pale as a ghost if that beast had a grip on my arm, too.

  • starjonesing

    Her date is made of the same material as her boobs. Should come in handy if one springs a leak.