Winner Vs. Loser: Megan Fox Rules Sienna Miller

Megan Fox first hit the big screen in last year’s mega-successful Transformers, starring the smokin’ hot Shia LaBeouf, but lately she’s been making waves all on her own:

  • Umm…who hasn’t already seen the incredibly sexy photo spread she did for October’s GQ? Day-um! 
  • In the magazine, she revealed she’s had affair with a female stripper. Dear lord. 
  • Eagle Eye premiered this week and she was the star of the red carpet. She’s not even in the friggin’ movie! Did Brian Austin Green do something incredible in a past life or something? 
Speaking of people who aren’t in many movies, America’s favorite “actress” Sienna Miller still doesn’t seem like she can catch a break after her disastrous summer of L-O-V-E
  • Even her biggest fans are over her promiscuous antics. Her fan site is done-ski! 
  • Sienna went to see the good ol’ doctor earlier this week. Testing, 1-2-3
  • Umm, this man doesn’t look like Balthazar Getty! Slow down girl!