Celebs Who Want Multilingual Children

Hollywood’s A-list actors have a long history of popping out over-privileged brats who breeze through life using Mommy and Daddy’s fame and fortune to satisfy their every extravagant want and desire.

With this generation’s baby boom, Tinseltown’s hottest celebs are expressing plans to shape their kids into more than just club-hopping, D.U.I. acquiring, shopaholics who end up in rehab before their 16th birthdays. Famous Mom and Dad are starting with language.

That’s right!  A small group of celebs have publicized their agendas for their offspring to master a language or two other than English by the time they hit Kindergarten, even if the parents themselves are uni-lingual. 

Check out the gallery to the right to see which members of the Hollywood elite are raising their children to talk like foreigners.