Drew Barrymore: Back on the Relationship Horse?

Drew Barrymore: Back on the Relationship Horse?-photo

Breakups are never easy, but it seems to help if you are fabulously talented, rich and adored beacon of the film industry.

While her most recent ex, Justin Long, is skulking around Los Angeles street festivals with a rebound girl who won't even acknowledge dating him, high-flying Drew Barrymore



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  • Keaboka

    HAppy Birthday!!!!! I love you soo much

  • Charlie Card
    Charlie Card

    did they meet in the Damn Personals?

  • jdub82170

    Thank you for that comment, Anthony is my cousin and was back in the States for personal family reasons. It was great to see him, he did tell me he was going to New York at the end of his stay and did see Yankee stadium for the last time, but neglected to tell anyone in the family he was going to see Drew Barrymore. You go Cousin!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcela

    Don't be so bloody absurd! This "new dude" is one of the most amazing musicians of our time! His name is Anthony Rossomando, the guitarrist of Dirty Pretty Things who also write and sings. The level of lack of information on such a respected website never fails to amaze me. Poor Anthony, you dont deserve to be posting his picture when you can't even identify who he is. Simply depressing. But yeah, I'm glad he looks happy and chilled with Drew, they're lovely.