How to Live Like...Megan Fox

How to Live Like...Megan Fox-photo

Megan Fox, one of Hollywood's HOTTEST actresses with the least amount of screen credit, has men and women alike drooling whenever she so much as walks down the street. 

Her sex appeal is practically inhuman; with that sultry pout, smokin' bod, and sun-kissed skin, who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to walk in the bombshell's shoes for a day?

Well now you can (or at least attempt to)!  Celebuzz has got the facts on how super-hottie, Megan Fox, stays so ridiculously incredible!


Three times a week, the GQ cover girl works with a trainer, spending 30 minutes doing cardio exercises that flatten and tone her abs.  She then spends 30-45 minutes doing Pilates or cycling.  But don't assume that Megan is one of those celebs who lives to sweat; the actress has expressed an extreme distaste for exercise and has admitted to having to be forced by her trainer to get that heart rate pumping.


Megan is a fan of loading on the makeup, but the starlet is also big on keeping her look fresh through more natural tactics.  She credits her complexion to the "sea and the sun."

"Staying under the sun is more useful than most people think.  For example, when I start going on a beach and bathing in salty sea water, my skin condition improves considerably," the actress has explained.

Perhaps someone should clue the tattooed beauty in on the facts of over-excessive sun exposure...


Megan, a proclaimed sugar addict, can't help indulging in her favorite sweets, such as red velvet cake, which played a big part in her weight gain diet for her role in Transformers 2.  But the actress balances her sweet tooth out by cleansing herself of those extra calories by downing a water and raw apple vinegar mixture every once in a while.


Megan doesn't need talent to be a Hollywood star. Just look at the girl, and the reason for her fame becomes pretty obvious.  The actress is a knockout, and she, along with the rest of the seeing world, is fully aware of it.  Keep your eyes open, men; she's taken but who knows what her status will be tomorrow

Check out the gallery to the right to see Megan Fox in all her glamorous glory!



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  • Andrezza Carkani
    Andrezza Carkani

    megan fox is prettier than angelina jolie

  • Hsienna

    Come on! This is Megan Fox people! Don't compare her to someone else because she will always be the sexy one!

  • lala

    well yea every1 has their own opinion but mine is that shes beutifull, talented and sooo much more thats why i lovee her nd haters keep ur sh*t 2 urself who asked yall anyways u just jelous cuz u aint her

  • Athena

    She's my role model because she is strong and opiniated ! Sure I Adorrrr her looks but she's so much more then that. I hope that hollywood and people will come to see that ... ! way to go Megan you're gorgeous, talented and f*ck these haters because even if they talk trash, they're making you famous honey ! xoxo

  • i rock the world
    i rock the world

    meagan fox is friggin hot. and shes my rold model. i'm really sick of people saying she has no talent and shes only a star bekoz of her looks. thats bull. shes a good actress, and she has a great no-nonsense personality which i admire. shes also managed to stay real throughout the whole hollywood process, shes still her badass self. and i love it.

  • jfkdl;afjdkla

    she is good looking but she is a wannabe of Angelina Jolie i mean come on shes like 40 something years old and shes hotter than "the worlds hottest women" i mean if she was around her 20s again there wouldn't be a chance that megan fox could compete with Angelina Jolie. her face i annoying know especially with her sailor mouth.

  • Vernel

    cmon '' Ha'' you cant honestly think that. in my opinion Megan Fox is hotter then Angelina Jolie. but thats my opinion, she has everything the smokin body the great voice :P, the beautiful face and all. I would be honored to meet her. she is too great to talk bad about. I adore her.

  • Megan

    I dissagree with "ha." Sheis beautiful. Not an Angelina Jolie wannabe. She actually, out of all people would want to be like Marylin Monroe. Shes not fake. Look at her at 16 in "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen." She looks the same. I myself am a big, big, big Angelina Jolie fan. But this girl is not Angelina Jolie. She is Megan Fox. And obviously, you care about her enough to go on here and take ur time to write this comment, right? :)

  • ha

    1. She's a Angelina Jolie wannabe 2. She's all fake; nose, boobs, lips, hair, eyelashes, ey ecolor, skin color and personality. 3. Why would I admire her when I can admire the original....Angelina Jolie.