‘Heroes’ Is Back for Round Three

Although the writer’s strike of last fall put a bit of a damper on the second season of Heroes, it only made way for the third season to be that much more thrilling. 

The hit show, with its newly vamped title, Heroes: Villains, puts a darker spin on the already gripping plotline, introducing a mix of new characters, both good and evil. 

New powers will be discovered, more lives will be threatened, some of the good will cross over to the dark side, and of course, the existence of the world as they know it might once again be nearing an end.  Maybe a few new romances will emerge…preferably one that mirrors reality a tad.

With its new characters, as well as those returning, the show is sure to go above and beyond the first two seasons to become the smash hit of the fall.

Don’t miss the show’s premiere on September 22, and try to contain your excitement a little better than the cast is.