Miley and Nick: Still Making Headlines

Poor Miley Cyrus.  First she has her adorable, singing boy toy, Nick Jonas, stolen out right from under her nose by the incredibly vicious Selena Gomez.  Then, she makes a harmless little youtube video with her good pal Mandy discussing the utter brilliance of her friendly competition’s music, and gets torn to shreds for it!

If that wasn’t bad enough, Miley was then sold out by the director of her “7 Things” music video, Brett Ratner, when he publicly hinted that the tune was about Miley’s heartbreak over her split with Nicky boy. 

And now, Miley was practically FORCED to attend the Concert of Hope benefitting the City of Hope cancer research organization; an event that was also attended by none other than Nick Jonas himself.  Oh the awkwardness! 

Where will this tragic love story end for Miley?