Mischa Barton Wears Her Laurels on Her Forehead

Actress, designer, philanthropist Mischa Barton continued her dominance in the realm of fashion forward headgear at Saturday night’s the Gift of Life Charity Ball.

Held at London’s Intercontinental Hotel, the soiree was held to raise funds for Third World kids battling leukemia, and also—apparently—to raise awareness of Mischa’s self-styled line of headbands.

The headgear is clearly patterned after the laurel wreaths bestowed upon champion Olympic athletes in ancient Grecian times.

These striking and indispensable hair accessories are best complemented with a thick application of Cleopatra eyeliner.  Apparently.

One under-appreciated plus of Mischa’s headbands is that they apparently (again with the apparently!) help keep her breasts corralled in her clothing, where they belong.