Dane Cook: One Crappy Ex-Tenant

What do Dane Cook and undisposed-of piles of dog feces have in common? Neither are a laughing matter.

After repeated warnings, the Good Luck Chuck schmuck has been served with an eviction notice from the La Fontaine housing complex in West Hollywood because he wouldn’t pick up after his mini-Pinscher, Beast, says the New York Post.

After the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office laid the eviction notice on him, Cook went to court to appeal the decision, claiming that the eviction had caused him “emotional hardship” and that the apartment inspired him creatively.

The judge, upon hearing the words “Dane Cook,” “inspired” and “creatively” in the same sentence, rightfully rejected the plea.

Looks like it’s time to hit the bricks. But, uh, Dane? You might want to watch where you step when you do so.

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