Kate Moss Is Jamie Hince’s Loss

Never get between Kate Moss and a good time—especially if you’re her boyfriend, Kills frontman Jamie Hince.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the famously volatile couple have put an end to their relationship—and unlike previous splits, this one may be final.

The reason for the break-up? A heated argument over Moss’ profound and possibly hereditary taste for intoxicants.

“Kate thinks there is no going back this time and has told Jamie to keep away from her,” a friend of the couple tells the paper. “Although she has said that before, she has never appeared as hurt as this and the rows have never been this bad.”

Sources claim that the slender clotheshorse was seen at designer Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label show on Thursday, smoking a cigarette alone with a single tear in her eye. At another point in the evening, she was said to be cavorting with a mystery man who was mimicking the motions of a lap dancer.

Egads; taking a ride on that kind of emotional roller-coaster would be enough to make a gal tear her hair out.

Hopefully Kate and Jamie will be able to have a frank, sit-down discussion, get everything out in the open and mend the rift between them.