Kelly Ripa Hangs Up David Blaine

David Blaine’s latest act of “magic” is hanging upside-down. For a long time. Three days, in fact. The stunt, titled “Dive of Death,” involves the illusionist hanging until Wednesday at 11 p.m., when he will drop to the ground.

The dingleberry of magic kicked off this dead man’s hang with Kelly Ripa this morning on Good Morning America, where Blaine was hoisted and hooked up with a catheter to expel his urine. Good morning!

According to ABC News, Blaine views his Dive of Death as a test of endurance. Okay, but where’s the promised death? Blaine’s doc, Dr. Ronald Ruden, told, “If you fall, there’s nobody there to catch you…You become street pizza.” If David wants to flirt with being street pizza, why doesn’t he just step in front of Britney Spears’s oncoming car?

Ruden went on to say that some people think Blaine’s tricks (being buried alive, being buried in ice, etc.) are a “death wish.”

Was that what sleeping with Madonna was about?

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