Kingston Rossdale Is the Jealous Type

Things would seem to be all bliss in the Rossdale household, what with Gwen Stefani recently giving birth to her second son Zuma Nesta and her remarkable post-birth bounceback.

But as patriarch Gavin Rossdale describes it, there may be trouble brewing in the rapidly expanding household.

The former Bush man tells Us Magazine that he and Gwen’s two-year-old son, Kingston, displayed symptoms of jealousy when his new little brother arrived.

“Kingston thinks [Zuma’s] all right and is getting used to him,” Rossdale says, but adds, “I think at first there was probably a little concern that [Zuma] might be staying over!”

Maybe Kingston is worried that he won’t be the cutest one in the household anymore—as if that were even possible.

But he should really give his kid bro a break—with his already emerging goth tendencies, Zuma is going to have enough to deal with.

And as far as conflict in the household goes, working a new sibling into the equation is really pretty minor.