Kirsten Dunst and Drew Barrymore’s Awkward Run-In

It’s no wonder man-crazy Kirsten Dunst was doing her best to stem off rumors claiming she’s dating Justin Long; she likely knew she’d be running into Long’s ex Drew Barrymore at some point or another.

OK! witnesses note that both actresses were backstage for this past weekend’s broadcast of Saturday Night Live—Kiki visiting host and Spider-Man co-star James Franco, and Drew hanging out with pal Cameron Diaz, who was making a cameo on the show.

“Drew and Kirsten had a really awkward run-in,” says one witness. “James had to deflect the situation by making a joke and walking away with Kirsten while Drew then fumed about it to Cameron.”

Now, now, Drew—dont you have better things to work yourself into a frenzy over?

Both gals later had to dodge each other again at the Wildwood Barbeque, when the cast and other celebs such as Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford all rubbed shoulders.

“Kirsten didn’t want to be near her, so they stayed far away from each other the entire night,” a partygoer snitched to the mag.

You can run, Kiki, but you can’t hide. And sooner or later, lies have a way of catching up with you.