Mariah Carey Needs the Restroom to Herself

Mariah Carey Needs the Restroom to Herself-photo

Page Six reports that the newly self-managed Mariah Carey needed to use the loo at a New York City club, and didn't want anyone else in there to disturb her tranquility.

Carey's security team reportedly forced every woman in the restroom at Morimoto to exit the premises while Mimi used the facilities.

Now that's diva power!

No word on whether or not the security team painted rainbows on all the walls, set up a cotton candy machine, and somehow produced a unicorn to entertain Mimi during the bathroom visit.

A more useful show of power would have been if Glitter gal employed her security team to clean up after her dog.



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  • starjonesing

    Let's give her her room. The world doesn't need another Mariah breakdown and follow up blog entry.

  • buzzgent

    Maybe the bartender wanted to squeeze her Mimis in private.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Hoovering up the devil-dirt, or simply pee-shy? Inquiring minds want to know...