Michelle Rodriguez Is a Weirdo

Newly re-hired Lost actress Michelle Rodriguez referred to herself as a “weirdo” to OK! and says that she’s lived many kinds of lives…including that of a drunk driver!

“I’m like a cat,” she says. “I’ve been a law-abiding citizen, I’ve been a non-law abiding citizen, I’ve been a geek, I’ve been a slut, I’ve been conservative, [a] prude. I’ve been around.”

Rodriguez has famously been arrested multiple times for DUI and assault.

She claims to have cleaned up her act…by hanging out with scientists.

“I love information, and I hang out with a bunch of scientists in L.A. that are really cool,” she says. “They put everything in layman’s terms.”

And how did she meet these pocket protectors? She says she’s a “geek” and “like attracts like.”

Better scientists than fellow drunk drivers. At least it’s a more intelligent crowd.