Miley Cyrus’ Undies Model BF Sings on YouTube

Justin Gaston is using his 15 minutes of fame as Miley Cyrusnew boyfriend to launch a singing career…via YouTube. Good luck with that, Mr. Underoos!

In the video, Justin, wearing one of his church wife-beaters, sings his song, “Don’t Hurt Me,” about an old girlfriend who broke his heart and a new lady-love who he begs…not to hurt him. (Read: “Please don’t dump me and make me not famous again, Miley!”)

Justin sings

Twenty year-old Justin singing, “Please don’t kiss me goodnight, because I’ll just miss you in the morning light,” to his 15-year-old girlfriend sounds a wee statutory.

Then again, this is the guy who takes his underage girlfriend to a beer garden.

Maybe it’s a good thing Miley may be moving on.