Courtney Love Won’t Hire a Non-Thieving Pig

Know of someone who’s an aspiring housekeeper? Or a “documentarist”? Or a personal assistant?

Because crystal-clear Courtney Love is looking for all three, according to a rambling post on her MySpace blog titled “this is wierd but what the f*ck.” (Maybe she just needs someone who owns a dictionary?)

“is anyone insanely clean neatfreak near malibu? i need a non thieving non freaky housekeeper also i need we need a documentarist, someone to document our studio as we go in wedsday, and i have ALOT of work to do til then and i wont just hand this to hbo or bbc 2 or bravo and god forbid not vh1!”

But wait—there’s more!

“i know this is wierd- the agencies suck and im sick of PIGS who steal itts simple as that., so f*ck it why not try my space , beats monster . no superfans please. and its very good money. btw the housekeeping part just early hours.”

Yes, yes, Courtney hates thieves who steal…unless they’re leeching widows who stole the integrity of their dead husband’s legacy and cashed it in for a line of sneakers.