Jennifer Aniston Gets Her Cradle Robbed

CELEBUZZ previously reported that Jennifer Aniston had been seen in the company of an “older man” since her break-up with mouthy user John Mayer.

Jenny was supposedly seen strolling on a Cabo San Lucas beach with a more mature sort of gentleman than she’s used to.

These new pictures reveal that we were right on the money. Aniston would appear to have taken up with an unnamed older type who bears a scary resemblance to celebrity presdigitator David Copperfield.

Perhaps he can make her lingering resentment of Angelina Jolie disappear?

Aniston has had a string of bad luck with dating younger men since her divorce from Brad Pitt. British model Paul Sculfor ended up with sunny vixen Cameron Diaz. And Mayer was a back-stabbing bust.

Maybe a daddy type is what she needs right now?