Kendra Wilkinson Engaged, But not to Hef

Kendra Wilkinson Engaged, But not to Hef-photo

What Would Tyler Durden Do reports that Playboy Playmate and Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson is engaged, and it's not to Hugh Hefner.

Which is good for her, because that means her wedding doesn't have to employ drool cups as favors.

Wilkinson is reportedly engaged to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett and "has been for some time."

Durden also disputes the rumors that Holly Madison is a wandering Girl Next Door and seeing celebrity emo magician Criss Angel. The reasoning is that Holly's in Hef's will and, despite being a blonde and a Playboy Bunny, she ain't stupid.


Hef tells E! Online that his relationships with the Girls Next Door girls are "in transition," adding, "I think that in the future, the girls are going to, in time, be dating others and moving out of the mansion, and when that happens we will not be keeping it a secret."

Kendra's presumed fiance, Philadelphia Eagle Hank Baskett, meanwhile has told Philly radio station Wired 96.5's Chio in the Morning show that Wilkinson is " a good, GOOD friend of mine," probably with an elbow nudge hard enough to put Donovan McNabb out for the rest of the season.



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  • karen

    I i like all of the girls. I can't wait 2 hear if Kendra is havin a boy or girl! U people don't have a clue if u wacth Kendra's show u will know that Hef didn't give her away her brother did. So. don't hate, congratulate haaay!!!

  • OK. B.C.
    OK. B.C.

    There was simply no call to slam Bridgett. It's ignorant, cruel and rude. Surely you were taught better manners than that. Are you brave enough to sign your name to your article and personally hand it to Bridgett so she can look you in the eye? I doubt it. What the woman does is none of your business.

  • playboylover

    what the f*ck the proof comes from me. Kendra is engaged cause the wedding is in june. And holly is dating cris angle. So bam.

  • Playboylover

    [quote=the guy!]you people are stupid as sh*t there not engaged! where is the proof cause i wanna hear it? They are too engaged. the wedding is in June.

  • jessica vick
    jessica vick

    i dont care if shes engaged or not i love kendra! shes awesoume and as far as bridget goes shes awesoume to! i like holly okay but not as much as the other two i connect w/ kendra we're both tomboys! i love you kendra! :)P

  • somebody says
    somebody says

    you people are soooooooooooooooo stupid first of all kendra IS engaged...............second of all holly and hef DID NOT split up holly is in hefs willl soooooooooo you people are f-ing idiots

  • Sara

    The proof is Hef coming right out and saying it. Kendra is engaged, Holly and Hef split and she's now daying Criss Angel. Also, Hef is giving Kendra away at a ceremony that will be held at the Playboy mansion.

  • Courtney

    It came out in an interview with her on Chelsea Lately.

  • the guy!
    the guy!

    you people are stupid as sh*t there not engaged! where is the proof cause i wanna hear it?