VIDEO: Kris Jenner Says Vote for Kim

VIDEO: Kris Jenner Says Vote for Kim-photo

Kim Kardashian did a fine job Monday night on Dancing With the Stars, but fans need to step up their votes to keep her on the show.

The competition of Lance Bass and Brooke Burke is fierce. The stars really stepped up their pre-show training, and Kim had an extra hurdle to climb thanks to an injury.

The Kardashian family knows how badly she wants that trophy, so they've been out supporting her whenever they can. Kris has pleaded with you before. Now she's back to cheer some more:

You heard Mom. Vote for Kim! To see Kim's take on her Dancing With the Stars experience, check out her blog:



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  • afred

    she is still sexy and hot. the last time i saw her PICS was on___MatchWealthy.C o M___ the club For the Wealthy attractive guys,Is she looking for a serious relationship or just for fun?

  • Janice  Nance
    Janice Nance

    I voted for Kim several times. They put a limit on the amount of times you vote. I don't understand, because you can vote for American Idol as much as you want without limits. I love Keeping up with the Kardashians. Kim is very beautiful and I do hope that you win.